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Dynamic Network Administration (D.N.A.) is a suite of end user and management applications and interfaces that enable the virtual enterprise by greatly simplifying administration of business critical telecommunications assets while increasing productivity and providing flexible access to end users. Launched as a set of Microsoft Windows Operating System (client/server) management applications, D.N.A. effectively lets you manage all the elements of your Ericsson voice network as data resources. In other words, by putting all your network resources on the same Windows platform-you can view them together and control them from an already familiar desktop environment.
This is particularly important for large and fast growing organizations with multi-vendor, multi-applications networks. Ericsson s support of an open platform lets you add common management applications-fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security-from Ericsson or from a wide range of third-party vendors in a flexible way.
Management applications
D.N.A. gives IT managers the choice of managing the network from a single point or from multiple points. You can manage a network of any size simply by adding D.N.A. servers and linking these together over a WAN. And you can distribute management responsibility to designated individuals anywhere within the network, each with different levels of access.
  • D.N.A. Extension Manager (EMG) is an easy to use interface that enables the simplification of day-to-day moves, adds and changes of MD110 telephone extensions.
  • D.N.A. Directory Manager (DMG) provides a user-friendly interface to setup and maintain the enterprise-wide directory information. This simple interface provides a single point of entry for the management of the Enterprise directory data
  • D.N.A. Performance Manager (PMG) is a simple MD110 traffic measurement and reporting tool allowing you to monitor and analyze MD110 performance factors from a graphical desktop interface.
End-users and customers applications
The same flexible approach applies to directory information. You can provide end-users-and customers-with direct access to your organization s directory for fast, accurate and cost-effective call handling. Moreover, you can share data-directory information, human resources, accounting and so on-between the D.N.A. database and any other database within your environment, dramatically reducing training and service costs.
  • D.N.A. Personal Assistant for Smartphone with an enhanced user interface for Sony Ericsson P900 provides users connected to Mobile Extension, with truly unlimited mobility. The P900 incorporates Corporate Telephony designed to strengthen the usability of MD110 system features by providing an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • D.N.A. Operator Workstation (OWS) is a powerful, easy-to-use PC application for MD110 switchboard operators. It provides integrated Operator Console and Directory Services for the MD110 PBX network
  • Ericsson Communication Assistant equips every employee access to the corporate directory with tools for controlling calls, managing Personal Number and messages all from a web interface.
  • D.N.A. Mobile Executive (DME) is a WAP-based application that gives the mobile worker access to the corporate directory, Personal Number control and message diversion.
  • Ericsson Communication Client (ECC) is a PC-based IP Soft Phone that provides access to the corporate directory, Personal Number and IP business class telephony features.
  • Voice Activated Assistant (VAA) is what speech activates the corporate directory. With VAA is possible to call anyone in the corporate directory by simple speaking his/her name from any location.

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